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  • Jane Simmons: Daisy: The Little Duck with the Big Feet! - Box Set of 4

    Jane Simmons: Daisy: The Little Duck with the Big Feet! - Box Set of 4
    There is just something about this little duck and her big feet that hits the soul of humanity. You can't help but love this duck and all the illustrations!

  • Pat Conroy: The Prince of Tides

    Pat Conroy: The Prince of Tides
    Pat Conroy is just one of the most talented fiction writers I have ever come across. Normally when I encounter an author I like, my opinion changes after two or three of his/her books (aka Grisham,Iles, Barbara Taylor Bradford); however, I remain steadfastly loyal to this guy's work. He is amazing with the written word!

  • Erica Jong: Fear of Flying

    Erica Jong: Fear of Flying
    This book, along with her "Parachutes and Kisses" are two of the greatest books out there!

  • Judith McNaught: Perfect

    Judith McNaught: Perfect
    This books tops the trash list! She has a ton of great ones out there, but this one is a great read. My copy no longer has its cover and is in two pieces...

  • Joseph Heller: Catch 22

    Joseph Heller: Catch 22
    "That men would die was a matter of necessity; which men would die, though, was a matter of circumstance, and he [Yossarian] was willing to be the victim of anything but circumstance."


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One-Line Bio

If you happen to walk into my life, you are stuck with me for life. Congrats my dear friends...


Seriously, this bio thing is depressing. It reads like a singles add!! LOL..


SWF. Age: 27-- and aging by the hour.

Born-- on the same day as Mozart-- in a small town, raised in a small town, went to college in a medium-sized town, went to law school in a medium-sized town, and currently livin in a small town. Have two younger siblings.

Spent an inordinate amount of my childhood in water. Could explain what is wrong with me today. To this day, the smell of chlorine or bromine reminds me of home!


Had two dogs, 1 fish, and a countless number of plants, all of which met a rather untimely death under my **care**.

I don't like cats. Will make an exception for some cat "people." Though I am a firm believer that these "people" can be reformed.

Don't like big dogs. Almost drowned when I was five after being pushed off a dock and into a lake in the middle of winter.

However, I have made an exception for my sister's dog, Henry, who happens to be the love of my life, despite the fact that my sister is afraid that I will kill him. There are numerous photos of Henry on this site, so check them out!


Attorney. I spread the love around.


Idiot drivers
People who answer cell phones in quiet places... like libraries that have signs posted saying, "NO CELL PHONES!"


I once jumped a seven story building (with crazy KITTERS) to get an autograph from my hero-- Tara Lipinski... only to get to the front of line and forget what I was going to say to her.

I have a life-sized rubber duckie in my bathtub.

Take what you will from this: my sock drawer is arranged according to ROY G BIV :)




It is crazy, but I have found that the older I get, the more difficult it is to answer this question. When I was younger, it was so much easier; goal-setting was something that started with every swimming season and ended (hopefully) with every taper meet.

In some ways, because I have achieved much of what I wanted to... college, swimming, law school... I am a little unsure of what else there is for me to do--besides the whole Weed Commissioner job. So I guess I am gonna wait on this one...


BOOB TUBE: I heart The West Wing. Anything with James Spader. I am in love with that man, I tell you. Let's hope Boston Legal is a hit this season! BOOKS & MUSIC: See Typelists. To be honest, I am not the sorta person who lays a loyalty claim to one author or one artist. Never been a groupie. It's all about what strikes my fancy at a certain place or time. It's all about surroundings for me, and what (and subsequently why) my experience can bring to it. THINGS I COLLECT: Gymnastic pictures and other paraphnelia Gymnastics Tapes (anytime, anywhere...) Skating Tapes (I will give you one guess of whom!) Ducks Plants Tara Lipinski Paraphernalia (I even have autographed Tara Lipinski skate guards-- thanks to Ryan!!) FAV SPORTS: Gymnastics Figure Skating **For the record, I do both of the above, VERY POORLY!! ** Swimming HOW DO I SPEND MY FREE-TIME? Friends Scrapbooking Keeping my plants alive (you would be shocked at the considerable amount of effort this takes!) Keeping my fish alive Writing Blogging Movies Reading Swimming