> October 2008

Opening Presents
Terri w Card
Happy Present
Queen Terri
Birthday Group
Birthday Group Photo
Terri & Co.
Tammi & Cake
Cake I Made
Blowing Out the Candles
Head that Inspires
Utter Cuteness
Oodlesof Love
Tiff and Jack
Tiff and Jack Escaping
Me & My Man
Marlee Getting Jealous
Upside Down
Fun Night
Terri and Signage
Terri Lovin Birthday
Three TMigos
Tam & Hot Guy
Terri & Hot Guy
Terri & Body Shot
Tiff & Hot Guy
Dudes Dancin
Tam & Terri
Fun Times
A Birthday Toast
The Ladies
Hanging Out
Evenings Cash
Ginny & Terri
Line of Ladies
Waiting For  Dude
Da TMigos
Dancing Girls
Tammi and Terri
Last Call
Terri & Tiff
Terri & Tiff in the Bathroom
The Girls
Married Dude
The Contest
Long Night