> West Palm 2008

Mom Waiting
Dorothy and I
Minus A Head
Ocean Surf
Big Boats
Tiff Sayin Hi
Pretty Water In
Pretty Water Out
The Condo
The Beach
Rock Path
The Property
Dad Chillin
Mom Chatting
Mom Chatting
View From Balcony
View of Pool
Dad Grilling
Sunset Over West Palm
Camera Doesn't Do Nite
Jupiter Lighthouse
Yummy Dinner Place
Big Birds
Bird Up Close
Big Boats
Mom and Dad
Pretty Flowers II
Pretty Flowers
Yummy Crab House
Crab House Again
Playing With Light
Palm and Light
Boat Sculpture
Parents Leaving
Rich Persons Mall
West Palm Beach Mall
Fav Store
The Mall Again
Rich Persons Mall II
Couture Show
Couture Show II
Cool Tree
Lawn Area
Palm Trees
Pretty Green Area
Pool Area
Palm Path